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Supervisory Leadership

After the pandemic, many of the businesses experienced a greater demand in purchase of their products or services. Such turn of event is bringing positive results to the organization, but the increasing order trend is also creating new challenges in the order fulfilments as the level of inventory may not have revised prior to the Covid-19. The market is very unpredictable and very similar in the VUCA environment. Therefore, most of the companies are either delaying their decision or not willing to implement any drastic changes. Some industries or business are on the opposite end and were affected badly due to the pandemic and although most of the economy are fast returning to normal, their revenues are still low compared to the time before the pandemic. This is partly due to the change in the lifestyle of the consumer as well as the industrial buyers.

While more businesses expanding after pandemic, we also see many companies downsizing or resorted to retrenchment due to the complexity and challenges of the business and very much in the VUCA environment. Resources are becoming limited as most companies cut down their output with the changes in the different shift patterns to avoid further spread of the Covid-19 or otherwise, may cause the company to stand still. With new norm after the pandemic, many workers also managed to try alternative works and some even got use to the new lifestyle. Many of the fixed salary earners are moving away and adopting the Gig concept. 


With the development of technology, workers today are with more and better knowledge, and some could be very good with the systems and applications. Therefore, supervising role can be challenging especially with the younger generation joining the employment immediately after their graduation. Due to the limited jobs available, we can also find workers joining the blue collar with better education and this group may have a totally different attitudes compare to the past. Supervisors need more attention now.


Learning Outcomesyes

  • To understand the role of supervisor
  • To apply Leadership skills
  • To explore the limited resources
  • To work together as a team
  • To apply creative problem solving  
  • To implement Performance Management   



This course will be conducted with the following modes to foster better participation:

• Interactive Lecturing

• Group Discussions

• Group Activities


Who Should Attend heart

This course is designed for all levels of supervisory roles in the company from any of the functional departments in the company.