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SQL Payroll 1.2019.180.156

Release Notes

  • Upgrade Database to Version 102. - Tunning HR_LO_TRANS table
  • Add Compensation Column for PR.Summary.Grouped.Report 1 format
  • Rename PR.Summary.Grouped.Report to PR.Summary.Grouped.Report 1 format
  • Add PR.Summary.Grouped.Report 2 format
  • Add HR.Employee.Appointment.Report-BM format
  • Fixed PR.Yearly.IndividualPay.Report Detail Overlap when use Merge Options
  • Fixed OT Description unable fully shown for PR.Payslip1A.Report-V2 & PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2 format
  • Add HR.Employee.Report-BM, PR.Payslip1A.Report-V2-BM and PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2-BM format
  • Add PR.Payslip1C.Report-V2 format
  • Add Summary OT for PR.Payslip1A.Report-V2 format
  • Add overtime summary dataset to payslip report
  • Add No. of Working Days for PR.Payslip1A.Report-V2
  • Fixed PR.Tax.CP22 Spouse Tax Number not fully shown