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SQL Payroll Releases 1.2019.167.146
Release Notes
  • Fixed HR.Employee.Listing Export Excel Allowance empty
  • Fixed HR.Employee.Increment.Report Export to Word content overlap
  • Add Employee Socso no in NRIC column for PR.SOCSO.Borang8A(201407).Report
  • Add income tax EA, EC, CP8D and eData Praisi reports for year 2019
  • Add Payable HRDF amt for PR.HRDF-HRDFOnly
  • Feature: Default theme set as stardust
  • Add data import from a zip file contains multiple csv files - File | Import Data | Batch Import.
  • Feature #5153: Add EcoTimePrint under File | Import Data
  • Feature #5106: Add AmBank AutoPay Payroll EIS text file format
  • Update AmBank AutoPay Payroll text file format based on version 4.1
  • Feature #5136: Add OCBC bank EIS text file format