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Mindset Change For A Better You

There is a high correlation between our mindset & the success we achieve in life. Success here is not just confined to the professional setting but also includes our personal lives. When someone embodies the right mindset, every challenge, obstacle and opportunities are viewed from a possibilities-focused lens while people who do not adopt the right mindset will give in to the setbacks of life, resigning to ‘fate’ that cannot be altered. While having the right mindset is crucial before, it has become imperative now in these uncertain times.

This course is designed to provide you with tools to rewire your thinking, attitude and subsequently behaviour, thus enabling you to maximize your ability to succeed and become more effective in today’s challenging environment. It is aimed at refreshing the way you think, exploring the very way the mind works and helping you break through personal boundaries. With the right focus in life, you will adopt the right mindset and achieve the right success in life.


Learning Objective:yes

  • Apply powerful mindset presuppositions that can channel our focus in the right way
  • Identify underlying motivations that propels oneself towards positive attitude
  • Identify & realign purpose, values and goals to achieve positive emotional outcome
  • Master the skills of effective state management for greater success at work & life
  • Learn to detect &fulfil personal human needs for greater motivation & satisfaction
  • Employ effective habitual practices to achieveoptimumquality of life



There will be a combination of fun, interactive & engaging lectures, role-playing, personal assessments, practical real-life case studies, video discussions & sharing.



Target Audienceheart

For anyone who desires to redirect their energies more productively, take massive decision actions, & attain greater success in life.