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IO IMAGE OPTICAL:We Are Start Using The Glasses Management System

Why did you plan to use eyewear system ?

Actually, we were looking for a management system for my eyewear business a long time ago.Then I meet Interglobal Commerce and learned that they offer a eyewear management system with an integrated accounting system,we are interested and we started the system with Intergloba Commerce Sdn Bhd.

How was the outcome or result after use the system?

We feel well when use the system to manage the sales and stock available.It make easily to our business.We can clearly to manege and print out the invoice and daily sales.Also can get and manage the stock available easily and stock in timely..

Was it hard to start system?

The system is user-friendly interface and can be easily to understand the various function.The service provider have been done the setting and provided the training to us.They also guided me on getting the system control , billing issue , daily report and how to control on workers access right.

We can easy and faster to understand the function usage after the training.


We would like to thank IO Image Optical for trusting Interglobal Commerce Sdn Bhd and SQL system , where we can jointly grow your business together. We hope that IO Image Optical will continue to further develop their business,digitization not only help them to grow their business,and also can reduce unnecessary burden in their daily operations.