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The Art & Science of Effective Communication

Effective communication is one of the most crucial skills to possess in the 21st century, both on the professional and personal front. Having a good set of communication skills allows us to foster good working relationships with our peers, get key ideas across and change a person’s perspective on a particular situation. Our ability to influence others and make a positive impact at work & society is dependent on our ability to convey facts, concepts and opinions across in a tactful manner.

Now how can we achieve all that? What if I tell you there is a systematic communication tool based on the study of neuroscience that can be used to help us communicate clearly, accurately & with confidence. By using the technology of NLP, this program will address some techniques that can be used by participants to communicate more objectively in the workplace, build strong relationship and exercise positive influence over others.


Learning Objective:yes

  • Understand the process & barriers to effective communication
  • Pick up skills to observe & validate verbal & non-verbal cues during communication
  • Develop the ability to effectively influence a communication process through rapport building
  • Adopt strategies to interact with different communicators & improve the quality of communication
  • Identify ways to elevate our positive interaction through enhanced understanding of human thinking processes
  • Cultivate better communication synergy for greater interpersonal relationships


There will be a combination of fun, interactive & engaging lectures, role-playing, personal assessments, practical real-life case studies, video discussions & sharing.



Target Audienceheart

For anyone who desires to elevate their communication skills using the technology of NLP