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RM4,500.00 RM4,800.00
Easy Snooker Billing System + POS with POS terminal machine
Price RM4,500.00 RM4,800.00
Brand Easy Snooker
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  • Friendly users
  • business condition machine 
  • easy installation and setup
  • no anual fee 

Package included : 

  • 1 unit of light controler 
  • 1 unit of POS terminal machine with 19' multiple touch panel + 80mm termal printer
  • 1 set of Snooker system 



Membership Database Management

  • Create member profiles only need name and contact number.
  • Member booking records by ID.
  • Check membership card balance and transaction.
  • Topup credit for membership card (RFID Contactless Card).
  • Credit records can be access by entering member ID.
  • Discounts & Promotion

Point of Sales System

  • Advanced style point of sales interface.
  • Add to items and verify before make payments.
  • Easy add/edit/remove products based on product categories.

Record Database

  • View by daily revenue
  • View by monthly revenue
  • View by yearly revenue
  • View by batch number
  • View by item
  • View by category
  • View by time
  • View by staff

Lighting Control

  • Manually switch ON and OFF table lights one by one or all light if faulty occur by using software.

Package & Rate Settings

  • Add up packages, price and duration depending on needs and occasions.
  • Can choose one of the packages to be the default package.
  • Fixed rate function available.
  • Special rate available for specific tables and specific time.

General Settings

  • Create company profile for receipt.
  • Receipt wording dimensions.
  • Check out settings
  • Multitouch Screen Supported

Benefit : 

1. Anti-Fraud

  • Once lights on, game is recorded automatically and immediately. There is no way to play 'FREE' game using this system.

2. Lighting Automation & Control System

  • Click to start game play timer and simultaneously turn on lights of snooker table. Click again to checkout and table lights turn off automatically.

3. Flexible Game Rate Settings

  • Admin able to set different time period in a day with a different rate for every snooker table.

4. Complete Sales Report Generation & Statistical Records

  • Admin able to check and review detailed record of all transactions.Admin able to arrange and view all the records by daily, monthly and yearly basis.On the other hand, admin able to arrange and view all the inventory records by item categories and items.

5. Fabulous Design & User Friendly Front-End Control

  • Graphical design and mouse-clicks control, even a children at age of seven know how to operate this snooker software.

6. Easy Setup

  • Easy as connect the control box to USB/Serial Com Port of PC.Then, connect all the lights to the control box.Finally, switch on the control box, you are DONE!

7.Membership Database Management

  • This software has function which is the admin can do the membership database which is include the membership type and member registration and this software can connect to RFID card scan.

8. Staff Management

  • The admin can see their staff log in record and can easily monitor their staff.

9. System Information

  • Admin can check the either the software will be need the maintenance by view the system information.

What's in the box

Package included : 

  • 1 unit of light controler 
  • 1 unit of POS terminal machine with 19' multiple touch panel + 80mm termal printer
  • 1 set of Snooker system