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RM1,899.00 - RM2,019.00 RM2,099.00 - RM2,219.00
DeepinGo series Face Recognition Terminal DS-K1T605EF / DS-K1T605MF / DS-K1T605MF-B
Price RM1,899.00 - RM2,019.00 RM2,099.00 - RM2,219.00
Brand HIK
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Accurate and Fast Face Recognition
Hikvision has embedded Deep-Learning algorithms into its face recognition terminals, providing fewer transmission delays and a reduced load on backend components. As a result, the terminals have a high success rate – the face-capture rate can hit 99% accuracy at less than 0.5 seconds. 


During rush hours, access turnstiles equipped with Hikvision’s face recognition terminals can respond in less than a half-second, passing up to 40 persons per minute. 


Hikvision’s face recognition terminals apply to a wide variety of scenarios and environments and can be highly personalized. Multiple authentication modes are available: face images, swiping ID card and comparing images, custom modes, and more. Applications range from commercial real estate, government agencies, small to very large businesses or factories, just to name a few.