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CVA IPB Seven: We Success Transform From Traditional To Digital

Business Digitalisation essential for every business in every industry to sustain and grow their business. It help you more understanding your bussiness.
The system helping businesses digitalise and taking them on the journey of digitalisation is one of the core reasons InterGlobal Commerce exist. 

Why did you start using system ?

We meet Interglobal Commerce and understand the system from them.We are very interested because the system can help us to reduce operate time and provided the more convenient function to manage the customer data.

How was the outcome or result after use the system?

Well, now we can easily get daily sales report and what item is less quantity so we can faster to get know and make an order. And we can get the online payment on time as we easy can be generated and sent out our customer statement .

It very well the Snooker Pos system are make my business in our control and easy to manage. 

Was it hard to start system?

The system is user-friendly interface and can be easily to understand the various function.The service provider have been done the setting and provided the training to us.We can easy and faster to understand the function usage after the training.With Interglobal Commerce , it’s quite easy. Not only was my system ready in 1 days, but they also guided me on getting the happy hour with staff,easy to get a daily sales report ,user friendly and easy to handle.

Now i can no worry about i'm no in my office , everything we have a trusted system and support 


We would like to thank CVA IPB Seven for trusting Interglobal Commerce Sdn Bhd and Snooker Pos  system , where we can jointly grow your business together. We hope that CVA IPB Seven  will continue to further develop their business,digitization not only help them to grow their business,and also can reduce unnecessary burden in their daily operations.